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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ray Comfort, Evangelical Theorist

Ray Comfort is a popular evangelical author who spends a great deal of time attacking atheists and members of other religions.

Here is how, Ray says, you can know you've got the right god :

-you have guilt.

-the ten commandments says stuff.

-the conscience produces guilt about not following the ten commandments.

-this guilt is a product of our impending judgment.

-It's true whether your believe it or not.

-the Bible says Jesus suffered to take away your sins and guilt.

-The Bible promises you won't feel guilty anymore if you repent and trust Jesus.

-Then, we won't feel guilty for anything - lust, adultery, etc.

-No other religion can wipe away the guilt you feel for doing bad stuff.

-all those false religions still have sacrifices through prayer, doing good works, etc.

-Not Christianity! Once we trust Jesus and repent, we're literally not guilty anymore of doing bad things.

-This is so simple a child could understand it. "Obey the gospel, and guilt is replaced by absolute assurance of everlasting life"

Frankly, I find all of this a little sad. So fear of punishment is the primary motive for becoming a Christian? Feeling guilt and the promise that you won't feel guilt if you are "saved" (actually, this is a lie because Christians feel a tremendous amount of guilt all the time) are signs?

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