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Ms. Dominique
Ms. Dominique

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Warren Jeffs - a polygamist's latest manifesto

The library has just received a new 163 page manifesto from imprisoned church leader Warren Jeffs. The manifesto entitled "Continued Warnings of Son Ahman to the Leaders of the Nations of the Earth" lists off the countries of the earth (from the United States to Bosnia--apparently ignoring alphabetical order) and describes the supernatural horrors that will fall upon them for failing to heed the inspired message of -- guess who -- Warren Jeffs. You can buy this insane tract for $6 from the website, but why bother.


kate said...

Warren Jeffs and anybody else who follows his "religion" are sick people who like to molest girls and treat women as subhumans.

Earl Lee said...

Wow. The library just received an new hardcover "2nd Edition" of Warren Jeff's insane tract! Is there no end to this? A few dozen more free books from these loons and we will be moving into Scientology territory!