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Ms. Dominique
Ms. Dominique

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spiritual Advice in the manner of Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love”

Ms. Dominique tweets for Halloween:

“ We do religious ceremonies as humans in order to create a safe place for our most complicated and suspect feelings of joy or of trauma, that way we don't have to haul these feelings around with us as they are forever weighing us down. We all need places of divine ritual for our own safe keeping. 

“ You are absolutely and truly permitted to make up a ceremony, all of your own devising. I would suggest pirate hats and a plastic sword. And lots of Halloween candy. And maybe those funny candles that you can’t blow out. But I would avoid riding the appliances or playing with electrical outlets, as that can get dangerous. And don’t hire a clown, because you’ll just end up dating him and then breaking up with him once you discover how hard it is to get his balloons inflated.

“ Oh, and send your ex-boyfriend some loving thoughts and a pair of your used panties every time you thing about him--and maybe on odd-numbered Sundays--but then drop it. And absolutely no sexting! “


fulllotus said...

Why do you say that red is associated with dead bodies but it's also associated with Amanita Muscaria and therefore dead bodies grow Amanita Muscaria?

Amanita are symbiotic with certain types of trees.

Do you have any evidence of Amanita growing out of dead bodies?

Earl Lee said...

The ointments and etc. probably utilized psilocybe mushrooms grown on a corpse, combined with amanita muscaria mushrooms and other herbs. Over time the pronounced red/white of the AM dominated the popular imagination and was associated with death and death rites. I doubt that AMs would grow on a cadaver. There do seem to be varieties of Psilocybes that are red or reddish in color.