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Saturday, March 23, 2013

“Quote of the Day” Earl Lee, author of Raptured

Ms. Dominique tweets her "Quote of the Day

“Last night I had a strange dream. I went out with some friends from work and they were talking about a contest at a local bar downtown called the “Not Gay Anymore” contest. They decided that I should enter the contest because—being straight—I would almost certainly win.

“So we all went downtown and I entered the contest. There were six gay guys in the contest and me. The contest involved kissing several women and having them rate you on a scale of 1 to 10. The first woman who came up to me looked like Archie Panjabi,  the actress who plays Kalinda on the tv show The Good Wife.

“We started kissing and, after a few minutes, she started to have this massive orgasm: her legs buckled and she almost fell before I caught her.

“Seconds later there were five more women in line, all waiting to kiss me.”

“This contest took about an hour, and at the end (even though none of the other women had orgasms) I was the clear winner of the “Not Gay Anymore” contest.

“The bar owner gave me a coupon for free chili fries and he named a sandwich after me. It is called: The Amazing Early Whirly ‘Not Gay Anymore’ Taco-dog sandwich. It is made with a hard shell taco, stuffed with cheese and lettuce, and a hot dog forced in. And then chili is poured over it until the taco shell cracks.

“Yes, this is what my dreams are like.”


Earl Lee said...

Well.... at least some of the time.

Earl Lee said...

Okay, okay... most of the time.