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Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Quote of the Day" Randall Stephenson

Ms. Dominique tweets her "Quote of the Day

Google determines what platform gets the newest releases and when. A lot of times, that’s a negotiated arrangement and that’s something we work at hard. We know that’s important to our customers. That’s kind of an ambiguous answer because I can’t give you a direct answer in this setting Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO

“When I first heard this line from the CEO of AT&T it reminded me of the answers I got from one of my old boyfriends (who I dumped! … Don’t believe what he says). When I asked him if a long-term contract (like an engagement) was in our future, he said “I can’t give you a direct answer in this setting.” The setting was a stall in the men’s room at the Sheraton.

“After I dumped his ass, he kept calling and calling—probably just to burn up my minutes on the AT&T cell phone he gave me for Christmas, The JERK! And at Christmas I got another text from him with the line ‘Happy New Year from AT&T’  

“How sad and pathetic is that!”

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