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Friday, January 4, 2013

"Quote of the Day" Hope Floats (1998)

Ms. Dominique tweets her "Quote of the Day

Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome. That's what momma always says. She says that beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it's the middle that counts the most. Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning. Just give hope a chance to float up. And it will. Hope Floats (1998)

“There were many movie critics who attacked Hope Floats as sentimental hogwash. These were rather uncharitable opinions of this film, which I thought was rather nice. Sandra Bullock was quite pretty, and the plot was—I thought—very realistic.  Anyone who watches daytime TV knows that people like to reveal their affairs, illegitimate children, and sexual fetishes for a national TV audience.

“Apparently one punk band wrote a song called Hope Floats and so Does Shit. This is so wrong, so very, very wrong!”

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