Ms. Dominique

Ms. Dominique
Ms. Dominique

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ms. Dominique on the Writer’s (spiritual) Life

Do you have any extra-special writing rituals? For example, what do you have on your desk when you're writing?

“I have an all-consuming passionate writing ritual, which is to say—I regard it as a holy rite, a semi-devotional act, an expression of both love and dominance. My daily practice changes based on what will help me best manifest that holy rite that day. I realize that I used to be more superstitious than I am now. I could only write with certain kinds of paper, at certain hours of the day, etc., and then only with a pen made from a goat’s foreskin and sitting in a leather chair made from a newborn lamb’s hide. 

"But after WWE wrestler John Cena died in that wrestling match, I've taken on a new spirituality with respect to my writing. John was a lovely man, a real man's man. His skin was the same color as my new office chair.

“Often I think of my leather office chair as tough, sweaty, angelic, and I like to get into it in every possible way—not only butt-first, but sometimes even feet-first or head-first. And sometimes buck naked and wearing only tennis shoes and a paper hat—but only when my birth stars are all in alignment with Saturn and the Haley-Mills comet. 

“I am truly with my Muse when I am near the open window and am facing East. I try to give Her all the room and freedom She needs, even if She wants to jump out of the window and into the rose-bushes that are just below. But I know that She will always comes back to me—usually heavily bruised and badly scratched, but She comes back. She needs the money. And a stiff drink.”

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