Ms. Dominique

Ms. Dominique
Ms. Dominique

Friday, December 21, 2012

Ms. Dominique tweets for Marriage

Ms. Dominique tweets for Marriage:

“Marriage is not like prayer. You can always back out of a prayer. That’s why God has so much to forgive. Marriage is mostly what you have to do in front of others. As people say, it's like a pair of docks. A real Mystery is why we do it at all.

“Or maybe it’s like when you buy a new riding mower online—sight unseen—and it turns out to be a billygoat with a “sprinkler,’ ‘two horns’ and a ‘manure spreader.’ But marriage actually prepares you and your friends for a pair of docks: Marriage includes you, your significant ‘other’ and all of your friends (or at least your wedding guests).

“And you have to hold your wedding guests to their end of the deal. They have to help you to get through your marriage. And they have to support you if you ‘falter at the altar.’ And they have to hold your hair back while you puke. And give you all of the receipts for the wedding gifts.”

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